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Day 6
Monday May 26th 2008
424 Miles

Ian Rambles
A tired swift or swallow moved in to the bridge for most of the day. We gave it water, insects were beyond us. It flew off later.

Days Run 25h 368 nautical miles ( 424 miles ).
Noon Position 50 25.0 N 010 26.2 W

Fiona's Journal
Decided to stop transcribing the whole of my written journal onto the website and boring everyone to tears. A brief precis will be quite enough.

Strong winds and heavy seas since yesterday evening are making the Isa roll constantly through 15 to 20 degrees (I mean 7 to 10 degrees to either side of vertical and I know this is accurate because there is a rather nice brass swingometer* on the Bridge).

This makes the simplest tasks much harder and the many flights of stairs, all of which run athwart the ship, are quite exciting. When going upstairs you are alternately tipped backwards to that your arms are straining to hang on to the hand rails and then flung forwards so that you are almost catapulted up the next few steps.

Arthur and I have had several games of table tennis, in defiance of the conditions, and this too takes on a whole new set of challenges when both your floor and your playing surface are tilting through 20 degrees. We laughed ourselves into hysterics and my legs are now like jelly.

After all that exertion I really needed a shower and hair wash and that too proved an interesting experience. Just remaining upright in a slippery shower cubicle, let alone staying under the water and in control of the soap and shampoo, is my idea of a circus skill!

* Swingometer is probably not the correct technical term for this instrument!

Arthur's Log:
(2 am) A storm has whipped up, everything fell off my desk, I went back to sleep.

It's been rocking all day. Going up and down the stairs – at first you are leaning backwards and it is the hardest thing in the world, suddenly you are flung into the stairs and must pump you legs as fast as you can to make it to the top before you simply fall over. The power in each tip is huge because the bridge is so high up as well as tipping back and forth 10 degrees or so it is also swinging 10 meters back and forth.

Mum and I tried to play ping pong (emphasis on the word tried). Because of the movement and momentum, when making a dive for the ball some times, the ship would throw you too far and you would over shoot your mark and smash into the wall while the ball gently bounces on the floor behind you. I made a large dent in a cabinet with my head by doing this. Or you do the opposite, make a lunge for the ball and fall short making a pathetic swing at thin air.

The Harry Report
Found the ping-pong room and played with (my bros) Arthur and George a lot.

George's Musings


First Officer Darius and "the bird"


The Bird

The "Swingometer"

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