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Fiona Starts the Jigsaw
Day 7
Tuesday 27th May 2008
392 Miles

Ian Rambles
Todays visitor is a pigeon. Rings on both legs so maybe someone loves it! It kept wandering into the bridge and making a mess on the carpet. It enjoyed a drink and a crumbled muesli bar.

Fuel consumption.
At 13 knots the ship uses 1150 litres of #4 medium engine oil per hour - that is just over a ton an hour. This translates to 97 litres per nautical mile - 84 litres per land mile - 18.7 gallons per mile - or 0.05 miles per gallon.
A last calculation - the ship is 200 metres long. It takes about 2 gallons to move it forward one ship length!

Days Run 24h 340 nautical miles ( 392 miles ).
Noon Position 52 12.8 N 019 02.1 W

Fiona's Journal
We awoke to a world transformed – a calm sea, a gentle breeze and warm sunshine. Darius (First Officer) put some sun loungers out on the Bridge Deck and I took advantage of this and duly “lounged about” all morning reading. A pleasantly uneventful day and we should be half way across the Atlantic by the end of it. We changed course to a more Northerly 300 degrees during the afternoon, in order to avoid the worst of a mid-Atlantic depression, but we can feel the wind getting up and sea getting rougher through the course of the evening.

Arthur's Log:
The storm has mostly blown over, the sun has come up and Darius (the first officer) has set up some deck chairs just outside the bridge. Not a lot to talk about really it has been a lazy day. Mum has started a thousand piece jigsaw of the CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE which is 95% black, so not easy.

Just before I left I bought a book of 1300 guitar scales which if I can just nail the 12 keys (equivalent of 7 scales each key) then I will be able to jam with people much more easily.

(10 pm) Mum is still doing this jigsaw (this could become a obsession)

The Harry Report
Bumbled around until sleepy.

George's Musings


Art in the sun.

The pigeon

Arthur and Fiona make a start on the jigsaw.
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