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A Kate Winslett Moment
Day 8
Wednesday May 28 2008
387 Miles

Ian Rambles
Though it proved impossible to capture in a picture, the ship "works" quite dramatically. From the bridge you can see the ship bending with the forward crane moving out of alignment with the other two as waves pass under the bow.

Days Run 25h 336 nautical miles ( 387 miles ).
Noon Position 54 09.5 N 027 33.9W

Fiona's Journal
It was overcast with strong winds and occasional squally showers all day today. I battled on with the fiendishly difficult jigsaw puzzle we brought with us - it depicts a plan of the night sky and the constellations for both hemispheres and consequently is mostly black with a lot of little white dots of various sizes for stars.

Arthur, George and I did venture out along the main deck to the bow. I had my Kate Winslett moment leaning against the pulpit into to the force 7 wind but we retreated back inside pretty rapidly.

At 1.15pm (mid-Atlantic time) today we had been travelling for exactly a week!

Arthur's Log:
Mum is getting worked up about this jigsaw, I feel like stealing a piece but that might upset her too much to get me roflmao, but seriously its all of stars and constellations. That's not fun, that's tedious!

The Polish crew harder to get to know than most people. By how much time I have spent talking to them I should know them like mates but they have this weird way of after you break the ice the ice comes back over night. I think they see me as a very forward person because of this, for example I talked to Darius (1st officer) last night for at least 2 hours and when I gave him a confident "Hello" the next morning he looked rather taken aback.

The Harry Report
Watched a DVD.

George's Musings
The sea picture looks more scary that it was really.


The pulpit.
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