Round The World 2008
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Day 9
Thursday May 29 2008
394 Miles

Ian Rambles
We are fed three times a day at 7:30, 11:30 and 5:30. These are a bit close togther but substantial. I've not found any need to raid the pantry during the night - though that's alllowed.

Meals all come as a suprise. Even when we can translate the menu the way the food is prepared is distictly Polish. The younger boys, with depressed appetites from the motion, eat the bits they recognise ( chips went down well today ) and try a bit of the parts they don't.

Days Run 25h 342 nautical miles ( 394 miles ).
Noon Position 54 10.9 N 037 20.4 W

The Mess.

Thursday 29.05.2008
Breakfast - Sausage
Dinner - Soup, Chicken baked, Chips, Vegetables, Cake
Supper - Breaded Cutlet

Kurzak pieczony, frytki, jarzyna.

Fiona's Journal
Rather gentler seas and winds today but still mostly overcast and grey. Harry and George are getting worn down by the constant rolling of the ship and consequent mild but persistent nausea, I think, so they are not eating much and spend a lot of time watching DVD's in the TV lounge. I am quite content persuing my three activities of reading, jigsaw puzzle and “extreme Ping Pong”, oh and writing my journal, of course.

I am missing music (I forgot to pack my iPod charger) and radio 4.

Arthur's Log:
Talking to Darius this morning, I learned that we would be passing just one hundred nautical miles (15% more than a mile) north of where the Titanic sank and a roughly the same time of year. This part of the coast is notorious for its fog and iceberg combination. The fog is caused by the Labrador current moving cold water down from the south meets a warm water current coming up from the south. The warm water is evaporating and as that evaporating water in the air passes over the cold water from the north, the water in the air condenses, "Bang!" Instant fog.

Mum has spent at least 3 hours on that jigsaw today, there is no doubt, she is obsessed.

The Harry Report
Watched a different DVD.

George's Musings

Slow progress on the jigsaw.

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