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At Sea Too Long ?
Day 10
Friday May 30
373 Miles

Ian Rambles
This morning we crossed 45 W - one eighth of the way round the world. Have we been at sea too long? We leave you to judge.

Days Run 24h 324 nautical miles ( 373 miles ).
Noon Position 53 16.1 N 046 13.4 W

Fiona's Journal
It's a rough old day today, cold and overcast and drizzly with limited visibility. We are about as far from land as we can be with strong cross winds and heavy seas breaking over our bow intermittently. George and Harry are tired and inappetant and just want to be back on dry land again and their nausea is not helped by the fact that the turbulence seems to have churned up the ship's drainage/sewerage system so that there is a foul smell coming up from all the floor drains in the bathrooms!

Arthur and I are persisting with our table tennis despite being occasionally hurled across the room when caught off balance – Arthur has made a dent in in the equipment cupboard with his head. I feel a bit like a toddler who hasn't quite mastered walking yet. Just getting from one side of the cabin to the other requires a wide-legged gait and preplanning of emergency grab points in case of a sudden lurch. And they are still serving soup in shallow bowls for lunch! It is clearly a test of seamanship to transport it to your table without spilling any – we fail abjectly.

Overnight we will enter iceberg territory in the dark and in poor visibilty. The Captain is sleeping on the Bridge alongside the officer on watch – just in case!

Arthur's Log:
We hit the continental plate tonight about eleven, where the depth shallows from 4000 meters too just 300. It is where whales loiter because if all the good food on the side of the plate, but it is unlikely that we see any because it will be after dark.

Today is the roughest day yet, waves are crashing impressively over the bow and along the deck. At one point sitting back against dads desk books, pads, clothes, orange juice, a laptop and a kettle launched of the end of the desk onto my head. I caught most the important things, the orange juice and the laptop, but the kettle (recently boiled) nearly stopped me having children (in the future sense not current of future)

Dad played crateman solidly today he went from level nine (3 levels behind me) too level 26 so today I am playing catch up.

Just before I went to bed, as I predicted visibility dropped to moderate or good also known as “bugger all”

The Harry Report

George's Musings


The jigsaw progresses - slowly.

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