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Day 11
Saturday May 31
402 Miles

Ian Rambles
As we approached the Canadian coast the sea temperature dropped to 4C and the air temperature to -1 C. There were just a handful of fishing vessels on the Grand Banks. We passed through several dense banks of fog but, as we approached Belle Isle they cleared and left us with excellent visibility.

On the same latitude as southern England there was lots of snow, even on south facing slopes and quite a few icebergs aground on the shores of Labrador and Newfoundland. We had to alter course to avoid a couple of "bergy bits" out in the fairway. The Captain kept a seaman on watch from the bow to warn of "growlers" - chunks of ice the size of shipping containers that can't be picked up reliably on radar.

Days Run 25h 349 nautical miles ( 402 miles ).
Noon Position 51 49.6 N 055 28.0 W

Fiona's Journal
When I woke up this morning the radar screen was showing land ahead and also half a dozen other “masses” which I were told were icebergs but since we were cocooned in mist we couldn't see anything! By late morning the mist had cleared and the sun came out and there they were, sparkling frostily. Some were double or triple spiked and reminded me of puppy premolars. Others were solid rectangular masses like Mediterranean apartment blocks and yet others looked like low floating platforms.
The temperature on the bridge deck, the formidably bleak, black and rocky coast of Labrador and Belle Isle is liberally streaked with snow still, I am wearing two jumpers and a hat and we have icebergs! This feels like a crisp January day in England and yet we are on exactly the same latitude as Henley on Thames where (probably) they/you are enjoying at least 20 degrees and Summer is in full flower. How grateful we should be that we are bathed in the warmth of the Gulf Stream while Newfoundland is doused by the icy Labrador current.

PS George threw up at lunch, felt immediately better, drank a can of coke and has been almost his old self since!

Arthur's Log:
I woke up about ten and went up to the bridge. Visibility is still bugger all so I played guitar for an hour. Then back to the bridge and visibility had turned on its head, you could see everything. I could see we were in the saint Lawrence seaway, steep harsh banks on both sides thick with dark mossy green pine trees growing up the steep banks wile streaks snow lay on the top. We passed dozens of icebergs on the way in, some too close for comfort. They are not at all hard to spot even when there 15nm away because they are dazzling white and stick out like Jesus at a Black Sabbath concert.

Around eight the seaway widened out so there was no sign of land, every ounce of fog went with it and the sun sat redder than blood on the horizon making a red path along the water which we followed in the night. Epic or what, then we went and played ping pong BP.

The Harry Report
We've got to part of the Saint Lawrence seaway and suddenly the previous rocking of the ship abruptly stopped as we got inland.

Had rice-n-pork for lunch which was nice.

George's Musings
I can't stand this boat but Krzysztof, the steward, is very kind so is the w

hole crew. I'm looking forward to getting off this boat but I'll miss the crew they have been very nice but I don't fit in really. I'd like to be home but at the same time I'm having fun. But any way there were lots of ice burg's nearly 8.

Today I could barely walk for some reason. I'm better now but still it's a bit uncomfortable. The reason I'm only writing now is because I couldn't write with all the rocking I should have been able to I am 9 now but what do I now about age.

Krzysztof gave us 24 cans of coke when dad only asked for 3 for lunch 18 left now dad said 2 a day for 3 days. Krzysztof let me in the kitchen and its massive 3 boxes of eggs with enough in each to make scrambled eggs for to of the crews including passengers. I love cooking and I envy the cook. He's very shy but when dad saw him at teatime he smiled at him the cook gave him extra helpings.

Bridge outside thermometer.


Fiona and bergy bit near the ship.

Kapitan Tomasz Molenda
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