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Visit to the Engine Room
Day 12
Sunday Jun 01
414 Miles

Ian Rambles
Another bird today. Very small, just 40cm long, and fairly fearless. Perched on Georges chest and my foot.

George and I went for a tour of the engine room. As soon as you enter, you realise that this is what the ship is really all about. Standing at the foot of the first companionway you can look up for five floors of boilers, air intakes and exhausts - and down for four floors to a glimpse of bilge water shining far below.

The space is full of noise but amazingly clean. The main engine stands five stories high and has five cylinders, each with a bore of half a metre and stroke of two metres. It can put out nearly ten thousand horesepower boosted by a turbo charger two metres in diameter spinning at 13,000 rpm.

There is no gearbox. The engine runs at a constant speed - 90 rpm in harbour, up to 120 rpm at sea - and forward and aft control is achieved by altering the pitch of the propellor blades.

Days Run 25h 360 nautical miles ( 414 miles ).
Noon Position 50 04.7 N 063 56.5W

Fiona's Journal
We have had poor visibility all day today as we head up the St. Lawrence Seaway. We can't see the land at all but just knowing it is out there, shrouded in fog, is somehow comforting. Knowing that the icebergs are out there, shrouded in fog, is less comforting.

The sea is now flat calm beneath the fog and our table tennis accuracy has improved accordingly. The jigsaw is driving me slowly insane. Sunday lunch was fantastic again and Harry and George seem to have recovered completely to make the most of it.

Arthur's Log:
Read Harry's entry I'm too full to type. Blaaaarg.

The Harry Report
Sunday today which for some reason the crew elected pudding day. The pudding today was a shocker and I say this without a slight bit of exaggeration that all the calories involved was enough to kill two adult elephants,ten dogs,all the pigeons in London and the inhabitants of Belgium ten times. They had a huge platter of deep fried pastry dipped in a vat of sugar then smothered in syrup also the meal was battered chicken also deep fried with chips even the lettuce was smothered with unhealthy amounts of salad dressing and also there was ice cream and two biscuits. The only gesture to healthiness was a single segment of orange with the ice cream. Somehow I managed to stumble up the stairs to the cabin at the top and collapse into a chair felling like I had just dragged two one ton weights attached to my thighs up the four flights of stairs which at the time felt like mountains. And for the next half an hour everything I did took double the time to do. My reactions were also lessened so my ping pong skill was greatly downgraded from O.K to absolutely rubbish.

George's Musings
were back at the point were you cant see any land but its closer then we think. I suddenly have urges for a cheeseburger. I wish I could just go on one spending spree with thirty dollars (we're in America now as you might have guessed).

A very nice lunch today chicken in batter and for Sunday pudding sweet pastry covered in sugar and ice cream with two sweet biscuits and a slice of orange I love all sugary things so my mum was quite surprised when I told her I didn't want any.

Mum's going mad with her jigsaw puzzle its a map of the celestial planisphere I wish she would stop. She's driving me crazy now so is the puzzle now I find one point that hasn't been done and I spend forever trying to get the right piece and every time I cant find it AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY STOP IT STOP IT I WHANT TO LIVE LIFE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON NOT A JIGSAW FREAK.

One of the crew (don't know what his name his) took us to the engine room it was interesting but smelled terrible.




George next to spare cylinder liner.

Harbour speed table

Special puidding

Fiona creates the universe.
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